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Project Manager / Vaadin

We are looking for a Project Manager to join our Developer Relations team in Turku, Finland. Your tasks are to coordinate, report and facilitate a small team of developer advocates making sure we meet, and more often than not, complete our tasks before the deadline. You will also work as the direct supervisor for a small team of people.

This is what your day might look like: You start with checking your emails and seeing if there's anything that has come up while you were away. At the moment, you have three projects to run. One of the projects consists of a team of four people, half in the US and half in Finland who are creating the release material for our flagship product. They have a task-list of articles to write, demos to create and website designs to design before the end of the week before going to internal review. You check up on the status and make sure everyone knows their priorities. One of the persons in the team is having to answer community forum posts and another person is asked to do a presentation for a customer to help close a deal. You hear the team out and learn that both might compromise the deadline the team is working on. You know that the internal project is the most critical one strategically and decide to negotiate other deadlines or people into the other projects.

Another project you’re leading is a pure software development project with 3 developers and one designer, working on a demo for showing Vaadin in the healthcare sector. The team is working in sprints and your role is to facilitate their work so they know what’s important at every stage of the project.

At the end of the day, you update your projects' burndown charts, make sure we are on track and on budget. Since it's Friday, you also write up the weekly progress reports and submit those to the team before switching off for the weekend. Transparency is key at all times of the project. You fondly think about the friday beer session you had with the rest of the team over lunch and where you discussed your wins for the week. You feel that, despite making hard choices and saying no lots of time, you and the team really got lots of things accomplished this week so you relax for the weekend and spend some private time before next Monday’s company all-hands breakfast.

To succeed as our Project Manager, we expect you to have
- A technical background in software development as everything we do is very technical and you need to be able to speak the same language with them and our developers
- Ability and track record of prioritizing issues
- Proven track record of leading software development projects under tight deadlines
- Good people skills and experience of being a supervisor
- Excellent communication, presentation and client-facing skills in English
- Experience in agile methods (Scrum) and working with remote teams would be a good addition to your skill set

Our Project Manager role is an interesting combination of software development project management, working with world-class open source software and being a supervisor for a team of developers.

Interested? Apply now by sending your application and resume to

For more information visit our webpage or contact our Inhouse Recruiter Krista nikkari (+358405752456 or by email krista(at)
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